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Consumer Drones to Buy Today

January 3, 2015 / no comments, on Tech for Kids Blog

The proliferation of drone usage epitomizes how technology has revolutionized our way of life.

The military embraces drones in the fight against terror. Major suppliers like Amazon are readying to use drones for faster delivery. These cool, tech gadgets are being used for a multitude of other reasons as well, from fighting criminals to tracking endangered animals.

Consumers are also seeing a wide variety of drones available for purchase – helicopters, fixed-wing craft, and even jumping drones capable of navigating the elements. Photographers and cinematographers can purchase drones capable of photographing and recording in-flight. Whether you are seeking a sleek toy to use for fun, or a professional in need of some in-flight recording, there is a drone for you out there.

Videography and photography is an area that has been revolutionized as technology has advanced; also becoming much more accessible and affordable. An amateur photographer can buy an HD camera that snaps pictures and records video for under $100. If you have a smartphone, you have a camera capable of some pretty decent shots. Professional photographers and videographers can also buy an array of equipment at reasonable prices.

One product that has people excited is the GoPro camera. This sturdy, affordable, high-quality product has made it possible for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and thrill seekers to record their latest feat or adventure in HD quality. With 12MP photos and 1080p video recording, it packs a big punch at an affordable price.

Consumer drones are also being used to record video by utilizing either a built-in camera or built-in camera mounts, allowing users to attach their own equipment. With a capable drone and camera, it is no surprise that video enthusiasts have found multiple uses – both for fun and business – recording weddings, family events, surveying land and multiple other uses. Different drone manufacturers have also made it possible to control drones via smartphone. Verizon and other large-scale cellular companies are beginning to offer drone products in their stores because of this capability.

Some notable products that have captured the attention of drone enthusiasts include the DJI Phantom 2 Vision, Parrot AR Drone 2.0, Walkera Tali H500, and the Axis Gyro Quadcopter.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision QuadcopterThe DJI Phantom 2 Vision is a high-end consumer drone, featuring a well-built body, good battery life, and a relatively short learning curve. These features, in addition to a solid camera for aerial photos and video, make it a good choice for photo and video enthusiasts.

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Parrot AR Drone 2.0The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 features a built-in camera that is controlled via smartphone or tablet. This drone is affordable, solidly-built, and easy to operate. A cool feature of the drone is its ability to do barrel rolls or flips by double-tapping your phone’s screen. It’s a cool tech toy that is sure to keep you occupied for some time.

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Walkera Tali H500 QuadcopterThe Walkera Tali H500 features a GPS flight control system that allows for more in-flight precision, especially when attempting to hover the drone in a stationary position. It is a “Hexcopter” meaning that it sports six rotors, allowing it to carry an excellent camera that can record video in 1080p HS format.

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6 Axis Gyro RC QuadcopterThe Axis Gyro Quadcopter features a “6 Axis Gyro” with posture control, allowing users to precisely fly the craft while shooting video with the built-in cam. This drone is also very reasonably priced, making it accessible to hobbyists yearning for a cool new tech toy.

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