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Tech Toys that Teach Kids to Code

November 30, 2014 / no comments, on Tech for Kids Blog

Children’s brains experience the most development from birth to twelve years of age. During this time, it is crucial that children experience intellectual stimulation that allows them to learn and develop mentally.

Most children’s toys are devoid of any practical use in aiding their mental skills and development. However, there are also tech toys and gadgets that are both entertaining and develop their creativity and learning skills. Coding toys are one extremely promising outlet that effectively bridges the gap between entertainment and learning.

In our technology-driven society, the demand for computer skills such as coding will continue to rise drastically. Parents and educators are quickly realizing the importance of a good early childhood education that includes the use of technology. This can be seen in the implementation of products such as iPads in the classroom.

Teaching kids to code is quickly becoming a worldwide effort. From the U.S. to New Zealand, children are being taught this incredibly valuable skillset. In fact, the publishing company Wiley (publishers of the “For Dummies” series) has announced the first “For Kids” book, titled “Coding for Kids.” Needless to say, the trend of teaching kids to code is quickly becoming more present.

Our Favourite Websites to Teach Kids Coding

The education sector is quickly realizing this trend as seen by the various educational outlets children now have to learn code. Code.org is a site that offers free 20-hour courses for elementary students (K-8), teaching children the basics of computer science. In addition to the 20-hour courses, kids can experience a fun one-hour “Angry Birds” course where they learn to run a basic program and are introduced to JavaScript.

Alice.org is a free site that offers educational software that teaches kids computer programming in a 3D environment. This teaching tool provides an introductory learning experience to object-oriented programming. Among the programming language learned is Java, C++, and C#.

Tynker.com provides a fun, creative computing platform that teaches computational thinking and programming skills. Tynker teaches visual programming language, interactive and self-paced courses, and game-based programming activities. In addition to being available on the Web, the platform is also available on iPad and Android-based tablets.

In addition to the wide range of education platforms, there are a wide range of products that teach kids how to code. Kano is a computer and coding kit that enables kids to assemble a basic computer, program basic games, and learn basic programming language for video, music and internet applications.

Our Favourite Tech Toys to Teach Kids Coding


MOSS Modular Robotics – Robotic Programming for Children

MOSS Modular Robotics offers products that teach kids the basics of robotics programming by allowing them to build and program their own robot. Unlike many other products of its type, MOSS offers robot tech toys that can be assembled right out of the box and does not require software installation or access to a PC.

Sparki DIY Coding Robot

Sparki – Robotic Programming for Children

Arcbotics offers a product called ‘Sparki’ that shows late-elementary kids how to construct and program a basic robot. In addition to being incredibly fun, the product provides an introduction to programming, electronics, and robotics. The coding program is based off Arduino (C/C++) and involves drag-and-drop graphical programming.