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Toys of the future

November 9, 2014 / no comments, on Tech for Kids Blog

We have already stepped forward in to a new paradigm of toys. In the past toys were lifeless objects like wooden blocks, stuffed toys and stone faced action figures.

The Toys That Were…

wrestling ring Tech toy kidsThis world of toys was empty with out the fuel of a kids imagination. My G.I. Joe’s of the late 80’s were nobodies, until they entered my WWF wrestling ring and took on the formidable Bash Brothers. Who would have been terrifying, if it wasn’t for issues with scale, which always meant that the G.I’s found victory.

This type of play is a beautiful thing and these toys will always be popular. This can been seen when your child finds joy in playing with the boxes of their hi-tech toys that you just spent hundreds of dollars on.

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So What Now…

The technology filled toys of today connect with our children in a different way to the one way toys of the past, now our toys can teach, learn, record and interactive with us and other technology. Expanding the play experience to something much more.

Tablets and Apps

Ed Apps PaintingThe ease of use that comes with tablet and app technology has made them hugely entertaining for young children. There has been a swell of educational apps designed for children. The intuitive controls mixed with powerful computation and cleverly designed apps, makes them very powerful educational tools. This trend will continue to grow.

Lego Robots

lego robot for Tech toysLego has been and still is one of the most popular toys in the world. We love lego because the parts are designed to fit together in multiple ways, so you can, if you so choose, throw out the instruction manual, release your imagination and create.

Now we have a new era of lego style toys emerging. Modular robotic toys. Like Lego an individual block holds little promise but when combined there are countless combinations. Each block of the modular robotics kit contains an electric circuit and has a different application depending on how and where it is connected to the robot you are making.